One stop comprehensive printing solution for corporate gifts

Print Services

The print service is a comprehensive service encompassing the entire printing production. We provide the printing or use our network of partner companies. Print services cover a wide range of products that can be found in our collections lists.


P&J Gift House provides printing services for all your events, campaigns, conferences & seminars, dinner & dance (D&D), trade fairs & shows, training & workshops, travel & retreats, promotions & marketing, and even your wedding favours. 

Print Types

P&J Gift House provides comprehensive printing services on all types of corporate gifts for businesses, entities or organisation. Types of printing techniques includes but not limited to; silkscreen printing, heat transfer print, digital print, offset print, pad print, UV print and embroidery services.

Printing techniques will be decided depending on the gift items that client has chosen.

Printing Approach

Printing requirements or details will be agreed upon prior to placing the order.

Upon confirmation of the sales order, artwork / logo file in AI. format to be submitted by the client. A digital layout of your artwork / logo will be prepared on the corporate gift for client's approval.

Digital artwork / logo placement may be edited or amended at this juncture with no cost incurred. 

Sample Printing

A sample will be printed with your artwork / logo based on the agreed arrangements. Any corrections and alterations after samples are printed will incur charges separately.

No corrections are made after the client has approved the printed sample. By approving the printed sample, the client has confirmed the printing project to be carried out.


After approval of the printed sample, the production team will carry out the printing according to instructions. The instructions are based on the client’s order and they will be followed throughout the printing process.

Printing is followed by the necessary finishing operations. The finished product is delivered and distributed as defined by the client in the agreement.

Delivery Schedule

Delivery schedule will be agreed upon when placing the order.


Prices for customised printing products consist of various elements which will be agreed upon prior to placing the order.