Corporate Gifts as a Form of Marketing in the UK

Corporate Gifts as a Form of Marketing in the UK

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London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/01/2018 -- Although some may think that corporate gifts are a thing of the past, they are still very relevant in modern marketing. Sure, there are quite a few ways to promote a company in the UK today without spending a lot of money. After all, we live in the age of social media, where it's fairly easy to start an online marketing campaign. There are very few marketing tools that possess the power that corporate gifts have. Just think about it – everyone loves to get free stuff, no matter what the item may be.

An online marketing campaign will attract consumers and clients, but only during the promotion. On the other side, corporate gifts will serve as a souvenir that clients will keep for a long time. Many people have given up on corporate gifts because they think it won't help their company. However, there is a direct relationship between increased sales and corporate gift giving.

Corporate gifts are usually used to thank customers for their loyalty or recognize a valued partner for their work. When someone thinks about these types of gifts, the first items that usually pop into their heads are pens, calendars, and diaries. Although a standard for this time of marketing, there are a lot of better options available today. Some of the most popular corporate gifts today include, pen drives, power banks, umbrellas, USB drives,and backpacks. It's important to give a client or loyal customer will use often.

The power of promotional products should never be underestimated. Even though it may look like getting these products made requires a lot of money, they will prove to be an investment since they will lead to increased sales. The British Promotional Merchandise Association has done a lot of research on this subject, and has established a direct link between corporate gift giving and an improvement in brand recognition, as well as increased sales.

Their research also revealed that around 87% of all people who received a promotional product held on to it for more than a year, while nearly a third kept it for up to four years. Meanwhile, 94% of the people who were part of the study remembered exactly what product they received and the company they received it from. This fact alone attests to how powerful corporate gifts can be when it comes to improving brand recognition.

The British Promotional Merchandise Association also made a discovery that customers were willing to change their buying habits if they knew they were going to receive a promotional gift from a different company. This means that it's easy to find success through campaigns that offer something free with a purchase. If a company gives out useful promotional products, then chances are that people will give them to someone else as a gift. This can further raise brand awareness and introduce a company to new potential customers.

It's important to remember that marketing through corporate gifts can be done even if a company is on a tight budget. For example, coming up with a cool design for a keychain may prove to be a great promotional product. A mug can also be a great gift, since everyone tends to have a spare one at the office or in their home in case the one they're currently using breaks. Nevertheless, if money is no issue, then it's a good idea to choose more luxurious gifts. After all, the better the gift, the stronger the message that a company values their clients or loyal customers.

However, before rushing into things, it's important to carefully select the vendor. A good vendor should deliver products on time and should be easily reachable. After completing a marketing campaign and give out all promotional products, it's important to do research and see how successful the campaign was. If a company sees an increase in sales, an increase in brand recognition, and if they start getting positive feedback for the gifts, it means that they've chosen the right vendor and the right promotional products.

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