Our Story

P & Js' Gift House: SWAG MADE SIMPLE (Since 1991)

Corporate gifting got you feeling a little...meh? We get it. At P & Js' Gift House, we've been shaking things up since 1991. We specialise in creating custom merchandise that elevates your brand and goes beyond the typical boardroom fare.

Think high-quality products like t-shirts, water bottles, and backpacks that your team (or clients!) will actually use. We're talking practicality meets brand personality – no cheesy slogans here!

Here's why we're your perfect partner in swag:

  • Effortless Gifting: Let us handle the heavy lifting – from concept to global shipping. You can focus on running your business, not spreadsheets.
  • Customisation is our jam: Think mugs with your logo, tech accessories that scream "company pride," or travel bags that turn hoofing it to the conference room into a fashion statement. You dream it, we'll make it happen (well, as long as it's not, like, a solid gold spaceship).
  • Affordability is our middle name (okay, not really, but it should be): We believe in getting you the most bang for your buck, so you can impress your colleagues without breaking the bank.
  • Over 30 Years of Experience: With a global network of factories, we're your one-stop shop for all things swag. We've got the connections and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Ready to ditch the generic and create memorable gifts that build connections? Let P & Js' Gift House be your partner in success. We'll help you craft thoughtful merchandise that gets people excited about your brand, fostering positive relationships and building brand loyalty.

Let's chat and turn your next gifting project into a win-win!